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A Small Update

2012-06-13 04:09:14 by Shukumei-the-Fox

Hah, Newgrounds, you sure have changed. I miss the old style, but that's a moot point.
I've uploaded a few new artworks, and cleaned my gallery, so that'll look a little better, methinks.

Also, I have fans?! What? I'm flattered, people. Remember, I rarely spend time here anymore, so you can catch me easier by following the link to my deviantART gallery. I do trades, commissions, requests, and what have you. Just don't expect anything too fast.

Stay cool, Newgrounds.


2010-07-08 22:50:35 by Shukumei-the-Fox

I'm still alive! I think.

I'm not doing any art for a while, though. I just can't. I have my own apartment in Edmonton, and I finally got myself a job. I work 8-4 every day, and I'm gonna save up and take some art classes. See, when I learned how to draw, I eschewed most lessons in favor of learning how to draw by sight. I see now that this was a mistake. If I had a greater knowledge of the human anatomy, of colors and shading, and a myriad of other things, I could achieve greatness. As of now, though, I am wallowing in the throes of mediocrity.

Also, for the next two weeks, I'll be flitting around the Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 servers. I'm also considering starting a clan. So if you want to get your ass walloped online by yours truly, just seek me out. I'm known as Lumanaru on Battlefield.

Stay cool, NG.


2010-05-22 19:18:15 by Shukumei-the-Fox

I told myself I hated MMORPGs.'s basically WoW for free. Ugh.....


2010-04-15 06:52:12 by Shukumei-the-Fox

Christ, the Art Portal was quite the bitch for a while.


2010-04-06 02:36:12 by Shukumei-the-Fox



2010-04-01 16:09:29 by Shukumei-the-Fox

Happy April 1st, Newgrounds.


2010-03-24 20:20:03 by Shukumei-the-Fox

Argh....We had such beautiful weather, but it's snowing again.

A new breed?

2010-02-25 21:46:37 by Shukumei-the-Fox

I swear to god, Canadian snow is tougher than other snow. We've had a week of 5 Degree weather, and there's no fucking change! Why?!

New dA Group!

2010-02-14 01:56:58 by Shukumei-the-Fox

Yes, my new Group, Below-the-Radar, is finaly up! We're out to help find lesser-known artists, and help them get recognized for their hard work! Please, come join or submit, and help me get this ball a-rollin'!

Currently, not much has changed. It's still cold in Edmonton, and I'm STILL looking for a job. Really, the Group is the biggest thing to happen to me for a while.

So tired...

2010-02-02 15:52:31 by Shukumei-the-Fox

Oh, Gawd. With apartment hunting, job hunting, lack of sleep, and who knows what else, I feel like a candle that's been lit from both ends......then thrown in a fireplace.